Thursday, February 05, 2009

I may be finished Raising $$ for Autism Speaks, but...

This video that I made to promote our walk is still pretty awesome.

Okay, so why am I finished with Autism Speaks? I just don't know if they truly have the interests of "all" people with autism at heart. They also need to learn that, when you run a "children's" charity (and like it or not, that's what Autism Speaks is), you need to practice a Caesar's Wife approach. You have to make sure your balance sheet is clean and pristine and everything in between.

With an office on Park Ave, NY, and Wilshire Blvd, LA, a private jet and a payroll that is HUGE, they haven't figured that out yet. But they will. Trust me...when they don't make anywhere NEAR in walk donations this next year (and they will be lucky to make half of what they took in the state of PA, let me tell you---there are some PISSED off parents in PA with Autism Speaks and their management) they will start to ask why.

And hopefully, they will LISTEN and really HEAR the answers.
But, for video does rock, doesn't it?

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