Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tastes Like Love, Without the Heartache!

So, in between carting vanloads of unwanted clothes and toys from our house during the day, I also been traveling downtown to the St. Lawrence Market to Crepe It Up in order to enjoy my favorite item off their menu, The Monster!

I wish that I could, through the magic of The Internet, send this fabulous creation to you so you could enjoy it. The secret is these round crepe-making hot flat surfaces, in which they carefully swirl the batter.

Then they crack an egg and carefully swirl it around to cover the surface of the batter.

And then they add slices of ham, spices, fresh spinich, mushrooms, onion, red pepper and God Knows what else. Oh, CHEESE! Did I forget to mention cheese?! It's just so Darn GOOD!!

If I lived closer than a twenty minute drive, I swear I would eat one of these every day.

And then after folding over once in half and again into quarters, they even have the generosity of spirit to add a SALAD next to it.

Truly, thing of beauty, and that's just one of their extensive menu of sweet and savory crepes!!!

I will miss them when we leave...hmmmm, must search Philly area for Crepe Restaurant. Note to self....

But if you ever find yourself in Toronto, do yourself a big favor, and catch a streetcar over to St. Lawrence Market. Down in the Lower Level, you will find Crepe It Up...only Love here! Only love...

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Trevor said...

Oh! I am sooooo jealous! I miss my favorite creperie in Seattle...Karma