Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Secret Weapon with Biomed

When I began Biomedical Supplements with my boys I admit I was a little lost.
I remember thinking to myself, as I looked at this big bottle of capsules, "How in the hell am I supposed to get this into my children's bodies? I can't even get steamed carrots into them!"

It occurred to me then that I could just open the capsules and mix the contents in some sort of strong flavored juice. So, that's what I did. And I used the 2 teaspoon oral syringe that I got from the drugstore.

But I have to admit, it was time consuming. In order to make some the the stronger stuff more palatable, and frankly potable, I needed to dilute it in more juice, like a 1/4 cup (which equals 3 tablespoons, if you will remember from that cooking class you took back in your early twenties). Which means, you are giving them this dose of juice 5 or 6 times. Not fun.

But then, one day, I came across this miracle

It's huge! It holds more than 35ml of liquid. That's over 7 teaspoons! So, I mixed those nasty tasting supplements into an ounce or so of pomegranate juice (super tart and it kinda grows on you after a while) and away we were. I've also used them to get freshly squeezed juice down them, but that's another post for another day.

I've learned some other lessons the hard way. Things like, never give your kids supplements on an empty stomach (or else you will be seeing them again very soon, probably all over your floor after your child throws them up). Or how to space the different supplements out by 20 or 30 minutes (I learned to set the oven timer to help me remember to give the next dose).

And not to give up.

As a wise doctor once told me, first you do what you can. Then you do what's possible. And before you know it...you're doing the impossible.

My only regret about biomedical intervention for my boys autism is that I didn't start it years ago.

Don't bother asking your local pharmacist for the oral syringes btw. They won't know what you are talking about, or at least they had not a clue what I was talking about when I asked them. I got them here. But if you don't want to buy 25 or 50 of them at a time, you can buy them in smaller packs on eBay.

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