Saturday, June 12, 2010

This One Summer

Summer is almost here.

Kiki is so very excited about the coming Last Day of School, that he greets me every morning with a sing-songy "Mom, I only have (blank) many days left!" Of course, he still will have ESY (Extended School Year) but that's just not the same as school.

In my feeble attempt to prolong summer, I've had the kids make a Top 10 List of the things they each want to do this summer. I've (of course) done my own. It's really quite cool to see the things they have come up with. My hope is that they will be able to compile a little book of their List, complete with pictures and descriptions.

I only wish I'd had something so cool and so personal from my summers as a child. All I have are memories of AGA Summer Camp: swimming at Timberlane CC Pool, lots and lots of mosquito bite, playing at the park at the local public school down the street and hot, hot, hot muggy days with afternoon thunderstorms. Hmmmm, may have to brainstorm these memories for myself.

Anyways, I'm thinking about meeting the kids off the school bus tomorrow with a big balloon bouquet and sign. Maybe "Summer Starts Now!" or something silly and fun.

It's all about episodic memory, isn't it? Time to make some This Summer...

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