Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OMG! We moved again...

I know. I know. I said I wasn't ever moving again. I thought that the only way a moving truck was coming to my door anytime in the next, say 5 to 10 years, was to remove my stuff for the Estate Sale because I had passed on to my Eternal Reward.

Well...My hubby needed a new job. He still had the old one, but he was miserable. And life just is too damn short to put up with a Miserable Spouse, I've discovered. And since I did want to keep the same Spouse, well...a new job was the on the horizon. And a little less than a year after he had actively started the job hunt, a new offer presented itself and was accepted.

Here is our new home.

I hesitate to use the phrase Dream Home, but it does seem to fit us very well as a family. It's casual, without being too casual. It's formal without being stuffy. I like it. And I'm looking forward to getting all our shit unpacked and finding a space for everything and putting it there.

One of my favorite things about moving was getting our house in Chadds Ford ready to put on the market. I really loved that streamlined clean that is just required to sell your house these days.

Every room was tidy and had a visual focal point. I had all my pictures and tchachkes perfectly displayed. I had even organized my closet, so as to make the best impression and really play up all the storage space we enjoyed.

It was hard work getting it all to that point, but I did enjoy that point once I got there, so that was very cool.

I am nowhere near that point in this house. I have boxes stacked and stuff on top of stuff everywhere. I have no idea what to do with more than one room in this house.

Don't get me wrong, I love this's just all so overwhelming. And it doesn't quite feel like "home" yet. But it's only been a month since we moved in, so I just have to give it time.

Until then, I'm saying it and I'm meaning it this time. I. Am. Never. Moving. Again.

There. I said it.

Until, probably next time...