Monday, May 21, 2012

Get Your Guy Some Headphones!!!

Cam has always been very sensitive to sound. I always knew this, so I'm surprised it took me so long to go out and get the boy some noise cancelling headphones, but it did. It took me until he was 7 to do this. So I'm posting this to let you know to go get some now.

Noise Reducing Earmuffs from the hardware store.
I bought this pair at the local Ace Hardware store for about $30, but I bet you could get them slightly cheaper someplace else. They are awesome! Here's why---

Cam doesn't have to wear them all the time. But the magic is that he controls them. If he needs them, he asks for them or runs to get them.  Truth is, after we had had them around for a month or so, he often doesn't need them.  They will sometimes go missing. But they always turn up under a pile of pillows in the playroom or under his bed.

When we went to Disney this Spring, they were a God-Send! He was able to handle those loud and scary places so much better. And they have the added bonus of being almost a sign pointing to him saying "This Child Is Special," which I appreciate. 

I know some parents may have issues with their kid being so obviously labeled as "different" and I understand that. But, if you enjoy being able to help your child achieve autonomy over his or her sensory system, look into Noise Reducing Headphones.  They really are Awesome!!!

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