Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why Chelation? Because it works :)

I remember several months back, I came across a blog post about Frequent Low Dose Chelation.

It was from a recovery blog, one of the many hundreds out there that I've read. I can't find it, now that I want to link to it, but I remember  her quote clear as day:

"Just try it. You don't have to believe in it for it to work. So go ahead, remain skeptical...just DO it!"

I think that was the push I needed to get off the sidelines and try it. I've tried almost everything else, so why not?

Well, here's the update that I'm happy to write for you. Cam is doing great!

His teachers are loving this school year so far. He's almost completely independent at lunchtime. He follows his classmates through the lunch line, gets what he wants (and even what he knows he won't eat, but follows the rules, and puts that stuff on his plate anyway), sits down and eats. The only "intervention" he has had for the past two weeks is a set of adult eyes on him to make sure he's not doing anything he shouldn't. He's a part of things. It's the same story when it comes to snack time and playtime. Even P.E.! He's a bona fide part of his class group during these times. I can't stress how huge an accomplishment this is.

Also, he's learning and reading and sharing with his teachers. Mrs. Van is his Special Ed Teacher and she adores him. She's been struggling to figure out where Cam is with his learning because there is so much in Cam's head that he just doesn't show us because there is no good reason to, as far as Cam sees. But today, she pulls me aside to tell me about how Cam and she are communicating and playing during his breakout learning time. Yes, back and forth, co-regulated play. He's also talking so much more during his day. He continues to be that Happy Cameron that he's always been. But he's more engaged, connected and connecting more to those around him.  

Progress is being made. 

All good stuff.

I've been waiting for this sort of breakthrough for Cam for years. And the only thing that has changed from this year to last is chelation.

Now, I'm not going to discount maturing. There's a lot to be said for growing a whole year older and I know this. But I also know, "in my water" as my Granny used to say, that it's primarily because of the chelation.

After all, Cam has had every intervention that the mainstream educators and therapists have advocated. He had Early Intervention beginning at 8 months of age, with Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. He had therapeutic playgroups starting at the age of two. Before he turned three,  he began over 35 hours a week of intensive one on one ABA therapy, structured and monitored by some of the most thoughtful and talented behavioral specialists I've ever met. He's had RDI therapy and, let's get real here...I've been reading and learning about autism for the past almost 9 years. The biggest gains we've ever seen with Cam have been directly attributable to biomed therapies and even then, I haven't seen the gains with other therapies as I have with chelation.

Now then, having said all that---is Cam still autistic? Yes. I think he will always be autistic to some degree. My goal, as a mom, is to get him to the place where he can co-regulate and function in society to the best of his ability. I want him to enjoy the give-and-take of friendship, as well as be able to hold a fulfilling job--to have a career.

I know my goals are not small. Quite frankly, I think my goals are just about the same that any parent has for their child.

And for the first time, I'm beginning to really see that they may be realistic.

So, if you've found my blog and you have a child with autism, don't let yourself give up. Give it a try.

Go ahead...keep your skepticism. But try biomedical interventions. Because they work. And the only proof you'll need then will be your child.