Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Juicing and the Modern American Family

The shown pile of Veggies yielded the two glasses of juice in the bottom picture!

I love juicing!  And no, I'm not talking about "juicing" the way Lance Armstrong probably does.

I'm literally talking about taking veggies, juicing them and feeding this to your family.

We used to be a fairly sickly family. Biomedical treatment for their autism has completely turned this around for my boys and was my first big "wow". We are so much healthier now. And I think juicing has added to this and taken us to a whole other level.

Let me put "sickly" in some context for you. Kieran missed over 15 days of school his kindergarten year. Cam missed 17.  Last year, Kieran's 3rd grade year,he missed 5 days and I think Cam was absent 4 days for his 1st Grade year.

Fevers, colds, ear infections, strep, sore throats, stomach flus, viral and bacterial--you name it. Kiki would have them all the time. And if Kiki had it, we pretty much all got it. Winter was my least favorite time of year, mostly because we were always sick!

But then we started  biomed, and that completely changed. Supplements boosted Kiki's immune system and he stayed healthy. Oh, he did still catch colds, but they were the run-of-the-mill colds that you get from time to time and we really not a big deal.  And they were much fewer and farther between.

We coasted along like that for a while. And while we were much better than we were, we still dealt with colds and strep, especially Blythe (my NT kiddo) oddly enough.

But then, this Spring, we started juicing, and it's been a big LOVE Fest since. Seriously. Even my husband is into it, and I've yet to meet a man who hates his veggies more than Dave.

When I first got the idea of juicing, I researched carefully and decided on an extruder juicer, which is this one to the right here. It's particularly good at extracting juice from greens. The cons are that it's a little slow and not as good getting juice from more pulpy, juicy vegetables, like carrots, or peppers or celery.   For that, I have the Breville Juicer (first picture above, to the left).

It's wicked fast, and gets the job done in record time.  So, on most mornings, I get both out. I juice kale, chard and greens through the extruder juicer and everything else through the Breville.

Then I end up with two sets of juice that you see here, which I mix together. I know, it seems crazy, but when I put the greens in the Breville, it doesn't extract the same amount of juice...much less, in fact. So, it's worth the extra work, in my opinion.

After mixing them both together, I pour everyone a glass and down the hatch!!

Now, I'm not going to tell you how awesome it tastes.

Because it doesn't. It's strong, and tangy and sharp and all that. It's vegetables! Let's face it, there's a reason most of us don't each our required amounts.

But here's the payoff: I haven't been sick in over 7 months. Seriously. I can't even remember my last cold. And my family, they actually look at me funny on the few days I don't make juice in the morning.

We are on our 2nd round of family colds in the house so far this season. Dave has one, Kiki has one, and I suspect Cam is fighting one. Mind you, everyone is still at work and school--so they aren't that sick. But they do have sniffles and runny noses.

And me and B, we are symptom free as of this writing :)

So there! If you are thinking about jumping into juicing to improve your health this winter, I say "Go For It!!"


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